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Transform Your Supporters into Inspired Advocates With Donor Nurturing

If it were up to you (and it is), what would you prefer, timid sustainability or healthy growth? Your nonprofit may be able to sustain itself through a steady diet of one time donations but serious impact is fueled by recurrent, larger contributions. If you want to maximize the value of every constituent relationship you make, thenyou need a donor nurturing strategy.
In this webinar, Taylor Corrado, Nonprofit Marketer of HubSpot, will talk you through the best practices. Transform your new (and old) supporters into your most engaged and inspired advocates with a contextual email nurturing strategy.
Key Takeaways:
  1. What is email nurturing and its benefits
  2. The importance of the "Giving Cycle" and contextual content
  3. How to best integrate nurturing with your other fundraising tactics
  4. How to measure and report  the impact of your email nurturing 
  5. What you can do today to start nurturing your supporters